Ancient, Skill, Poem, Jennifer Esperanza, time, dirt, spider, fear, love

Ancient Skill • A Poem by Jennifer Esperanza

Ancient Skill

Ancient, Skill, Poem, Jennifer Esperanza, time, dirt, spider, fear, love

 ~ My Poem Ancient Skill ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza ~

Ancient Skill

dirt and this moment mix in circles.

the children’s playthings release
the gasses of their toxic history

time is the race of a red spider across the floor

we dance in dark and lustful spaces,
expression is velvet pulled slowly across a clitoris

fear is made to dance naked

genetically modified seeds spill out a mutant half life…

loving and cruel mothers are reborn again and again

the planets press down on us with an ancient skill.

treasures turn up in the markets,
remnants of death unadorned

parched throats cry out a broken song

all suffering told is a truth
the beggar holds a prayer

and the bruises on the apple bring a lashing of greedy tongues

beauty is tasted with embarrassment

movement creates an energy current,

prayers now answered
fly as we drive through this night,
the road pulls us by the hearts.

Poem © Jennifer Esperanza 2002
Photo © Jennifer Esperanza 2004

This poem is about multi dimensional travel…reincarnation..death & life.
In these toxic & beautiful times things can seem so mixed up…

Love will win in the end so we have to just try to let go & keep our hearts open…

let ourselves be “pulled by the hearts”

Jennifer Esperanza

hands, blessing, yellow, orange, love, woman, Jennifer Esperanza, flowers, beauty, prayer

 ~ Prayer Hands ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza ~

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8 Comments on “Ancient Skill • A Poem by Jennifer Esperanza

  1. Kara Lin

    Jennifer, Your poetry is very moving.
    Thank you for sharing <3 this !

  2. Felecia Ford

    Great poem!!

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