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Artist & Beauty Alexandra Eldridge

Artist Alexandra Eldridge

“Art exists because the world is not perfect”

Artist, Alexandra Eldridge, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza, Artist
~ Alexandra Eldridge in her Santa Fe Studio ~ 2012 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

I met Alexandra about 17 years ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico at a yard sale that she was having with our friend Jodie. I was so drawn to her, she was beautiful & dripping with style & kindness. I remember her big beautiful smile from that day & the energy of excitement that surrounds her.

She & Jody are artists & were working as faux finishers at the time. Jody gave me a photograph by Herb Ritz of Madonna that she had hand colored. It was a test print from a shoot that she had worked on in LA. I still have it & need to get it framed. I did not see Alexandra for a while after that but she stayed in my mind. 

At the time I was working at Santa Fe’s Arts & Culture magazine, THE magazine as the staff photographer. For 12 years I photographed artists in their studios & in the landscape of Northern New Mexico. I still work for THE, but that’s a different story, for another time.

The next few times I was with Alexandra she was in front of my camera & I was sitting in her studio intrigued and moved by the poetry of her life & work. I have to say that in all of the hundreds of studios I have visited, Alexandra’s is one of my very favorites. Artist’s studios are their own realm. Alexandra’s realm is feminine, sophisticated, and deeply sensual. She has made it her artistic life’s processes to express from the dreamscape and mystery of her soul. I have always been very moved by her commitment to herself & the long hours spent as an artist alone, face her inner world. 

Alexandra Eldridge, Artist, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Painting, Photograph, B&W, Jennifer Esperanza, Jennifer Esperanza Photography, Portrait
Alexandra Eldridge & her painting with a projection of her work on her back & painting ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico 1997 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

In these photos we can see Alexandra’s witness bird. This bird shows up in her work over & over. The witness bird comes from her dreams & from a bird that she drew as a child.The witness bird drew me closer still to Alexandra, as I also dreamed of birds often when I was younger & wrote about these dreams in my poems. My friend Louise called me Bird when we were young.

Here Alexandra is wearing  a Victorian or maybe Edwardian dress that she often wore as a young woman when she lived on a 70 – acre farm near Athens Ohio. This farm where she lived with her husband, who had been her art professor & raised her two sons when they were young was a place that based on the writings & teachings of William Blake a place devoted to art & artistic expression.

Alexandra Eldridge, Artist, woman, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza, witness bird, painting, projection, Jennifer Esperanza Photography, 1997

Alexandra Eldridge & her painting with a projection of her work on her back & painting ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico 1997 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

Little did I know that I had a connection to Alexandra a very long time ago. Her parents, Harry and Wende Devlin were artists who wrote & illustrated 27 children’s books. On of these books, How Fletcher Was Hatched, who’s heroine was based on Alexandra was a favorite book of my younger brothers. a book we often read together.

How Fletcher Was Hatched, Alexandra Eldridge, book, 1969,

Fletcher is a large hound dog with brown spots, and his mistress is a little girl named Alexandra. The trouble starts because Alexandra is interested in baby chicks – tiny, fluffy, yellow chick that say “Peep!” as they come out of their shells.

Over the years Alexandra & I have meet for coffee or lunch often. I visit her studio and we talk. We visit & talk about art, about mysticism, we talked about our love lives, our children, our travels & our passions. For many years we did Kundalini yoga in the same class on Sunday afternoons just off of Canyon Road with our beloved teacher Nodia Brent Luxx.

Our Kundalini teacher Nodia ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Our Kundalini teacher Nodia ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

Carl Jung on Kundalini  Yoga

“To activate the unconscious means to awaken the divine, the devi, Kundalini – to begin the development of the suprapersonal within the individual in order to kindle the light of the gods. Kundalini, which is to be awakened in the sleeping Muladhara world, is the suprapersonal, the non-ego,… For this reason Kundalini is the same principal as the Soter, the Savior Serpent of the Gnostics.”  ~ The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga, Carl Jung.Lecture 4, 26 October 1932, Notes of the Seminar, Princeton University Press, USA, 1996, Page 68/69

It is in this Kundalini class that I had my idea for my show & book Tears of Venus come to me like a transmission from the Divine.

Alexandra had been chosen as one of Santa Fe’s sexiest artists by THE magazine & on assignment for that issue I made this image of Alexandra titled Eternal Flame. This photograph of Alexandra was one of my first sensual female torso studies & was shown in my show Tears of Venus & published in my book Tears of Venus ~ it’s all the Goddess to me. 

Tears of Venus, Alexandra, B&W, Eternal Flame, Jennifer Esperanza
Eternal Flame ~ Torso Study of Alexandra by Jennifer Esperanza

Alexandra is my soul friend, my sister of the heart. We shared some tragic time together as well as all of the beauty that we have shared. On the morning of 9/11 I watched the second tower fall on the TV at Alex’s house, sitting on a bed with her & her son Saxon, in sadness & in shock.

One of Alexandra’s closets friend the late German artist Helmut Lohr was a dear friend of mine also. He was a magic & sensitive being.  I will never forget when she called and told me of his passing. He is greatly missed.

Artist Helmut Lohrr, Jennifer Esperanza
Artist Helmut Lohr by Jennifer Esperanza

As a portrait photographer & a chronicler of culture in this human realm, I thrive on the intimacy shared with my subjects. Alexandra is one of my most giving subjects. Just as she lets the viewer, collector & fellow artist into her world filled with personal & universal symbols through her art, she has allowed me in to this world as a photographer. We create together when I photograph her.

Artist, Alexandra Eldridge, woman, art, nature, Santa Fe, Jennifer Esperanza
Artist Alexandra Eldridge in the grasses with her work ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge,Santa Fe New Mexico,2013,Jennifer Esperanza, art, painting, snake
Alexandra Eldridge ~ Santa Fe New Mexico 2013 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Artist Alexandra Eldridge,Santa Fe, New Mexico 2012 ,Photo.Jennifer Esperanza
Artist Alexandra Eldridge • Santa Fe, New Mexico 2012 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge, paintings, Studio, animals, beautiful, woman, Art, Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge in her Santa Fe Studio 2013 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge, Artist, woman, painter, studio NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza
Beautiful Alexandra Eldridge ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza 2013
Alexandra Eldridge, Studio, Book, Father, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico Artist, Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge holding a book that was her fathers in her Santa Fe Studio ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge, Studio, detail, art, artist, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge ~ Studio Detail 1 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge, Studio, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge Studio Detail 2 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Artist, Alexandra Eldridge, NM, New Mexico, Santa Fe, sky, Blue, Jennifer Esperanza
Artist Alexandre Eldridge ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico © Jennifer Esperanza

Alexandra is one of the kindest & most giving friends. I can feel my heart when I see her beautiful work. I can feel my dreams when we share stories and we sit in her studio or in some place around Santa Fe for lunch or coffee. I am profoundly moved by her visions & ideas, by her beauty & her kindness, by her devoted & very hard work. I am moved by the textures & details of her paintings.

Some very famous people collect her work & are some of her friends. She travels to many places in the world & brings back treasures. She goes off to paint in Paris for months, or New York City and many other places. I love to see the photographs of her travels that she posts on facebook. She is always with me because knowing real friendship is the deepest treasure I have known.

Painting, Alexandra Eldridge, dress, bed side, Jennifer Esperanza
~ Little painting of a dress by Alex given to me for my birthday by my bedside ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge, Butterfly wings, nest, altar, artist, studio, Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra holding a bird nest filled with butterfly wings ~ from her studio altar ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
alexandra Eldridge, Artist, altar, Jennifer Esperanza
~ An Altar at Her Feet ~ photo © Jennifer Esperanza 2013

Alexandra & I share a love for the divinity of feet . Last year I washed the feet of some of my friends. I washed their feet because I love to care for others. I washed their feet to express my caring & love for them. We are all the God & Goddess ~ we are all Divine ~ all elemental.

Alexandra Eldridge, feet, foot bath, woman, pink, toes, Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge’s feet after her ritual foot bath by me ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza 2012

This quote is from a very beautiful Interview with Alexandra Eldridge in the Jung Journal by Katherine Olivetti.

“I paint for self-revelation. That involves finding a means to access my unconscious. If I can do that, what is created is the possibility that something amazing may happen. Every painting has a story, so many stories, but with no beginning and no end.” ~ Alexandra Eldridge 

Alexandra is a gift to this world we are blessed by her mystic heart.

All Respect & Love,

Jennifer Esperanza

Read Soul Mapping Here ~


Alexandra Eldridge, Soul Mapping, Katherine Olivetti, Jennifer Esperanza, Interview, Jung Journal
Soul Mapping ~ A Conversation with Alexandra by Katherine Olivetti ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

Alexandra is represented by Nuart Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Alexandra Eldridge, Santa Fe, Gabe Kessler, Nuart Gallery, Art, Show, Jennifer Esperanza, Canyon Road, NM, New Mexico
My Son Gabe in front of one of Alexandra’s paints ~ Nuart Gallery ~ Canyon Road Santa Fe New Mexico 2012 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

Website for Alexandra Eldridge

Alexandra Eldridge, Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico, opening, artist, Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Eldridge at her opening last summer ~ Nuart Gallery ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
friends, Alexandra, Artist, love, beauty, friendship, NM, Santa Fe, Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra with some of her many friends ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Alexandra Aldridge, Jennifer Esperanza, family, friends, Art
Alexandra & me ~ with her son & with my daughter ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Alexndra Eldridge, Jennifer Esperanza, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico, love
~ Beautiful Alexandra Eldridge & me on the cell phone while taking a picture with my huge camera.. and a guy with a music listening system strapped
to his head as he walks behind us ~ after breakfast at Tune-Up Cafe ~ Santa Se, NM ~
Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
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  1. Alexandra Eldridge

    Wow, Jennifer, how honored I am by this. I don’t even know how to thank-you for this gift of friendship and extraordinary talent. Love, love, love…you the embodiment of Love, thank-you, thank-you dear friend.

  2. the beauty of kindness
    the kindness of beauty
    such a lovely tribute to a dear old friend
    I remember those feet dancing in Athens
    how could I forget?

  3. I have always been intrigued by the story and depth of feeling of your work. And this expression of LOVE and UniversalOneness is a treasure I will cherish….thankyouboth…

  4. Thank you Jennifer and Alexandra fro both being divine beings! Love the photographs and stories. My best moment with Alexandra…spontaneously jumping into a swimming pool at a party with our clothes on! Love you both….Betsy

  5. Jodie

    beautiful xxx Jodie

  6. Astrid Allan

    Incredible beautiful tribute to the very talented Alexandra Eldridge. I love your writing and all the images, especially the monochrome pictures. xox

  7. Kara Lin

    A note to say thank you for this blog! I love the way you express so much love with the people you share on here. Reading your stories and absorbing the photography is just PURE JOY ! So very grateful that you have this blog and that you are sharing it with everyone. Love to you Jennifer~

  8. Tina Natonabah

    Jennifer you really know her well; how wonderfully you captured her image(s) as my own heart has recorded them too … there is something so dear and special about Alexandra, it goes beyond words and photos, art and music, she’s such an inspiration and a true beam of pure light. Thanks for this, by reading and becoming saturated in the photos I am so amazed at the depth you reached … bravo! and Thank you.

    • Thank You Tina ~ I am so happy that you liked this piece on Alexandra ~ Much Love, Jennifer

  9. What a fabulous tribute to a fabulous person, by yet another fabulous person. If I didn’t know you both, I would want to meet you. All love all the time!

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