LA Painter • Easton Awesome Miller • Studio Visit 2017

Easton A. Miller is a young, bright, dynamic LA painter. Easton lives with my daughter, filmmaker Emily Esperanza. My partner, artist Richard Kurtz & I visited Easton & Emily in Easton’s studio a few weeks ago. This was a family studio visit. We are a family of artists. We listened to Easton talk abut his […]

Artist Richard Kurtz ~ Painting Made in Spain and Morocco

My travel and life partner, artist Richard Kurtz, has been working on a painting on fabric. He bought the fabric in a flea market in Oviedo, Spain. Richard has worked on it in the country in Andalucia, Spain in Chefchaouen, Morocco and in other places along the way on our over two month journey through Spain and […]

Artist Brianne Janes by Jennifer Esperanza

Honored Land – Golden Light – Artist Brianne Janes

  Artist Brianne Janes “There is something so raw and vulnerable about connecting with creation through  expression, sometimes I feel very humbled to witness the beauty that I see. I paint to honor the land before me, the feeling inside of me and the movement of nature around me.” •     Location -Santa Fe, New Mexico, […]

Artist Tony Abeyta

Photography isn’t always waiting for the right moment, being at the right place at the right time, A great photographer creates that moment, inspiring the subject, interacting and then capturing something remarkable when that subject lets down their guard, This is Jennifer Esperanza Photography. The results are apparent and bear witness to the true essence […]

RADIANCE • The Art of Alexandra Eldridge

I have photographed my dear friend ~ artist Alexandra Eldridge for 19 years. I love to visit her studio where we talk … laugh & cry together. She is my mystic sister & a muse to me. Her work is deeply poetic & personal. I made a book titled Radiance • Artist Alexandra Eldridge • […]

Dancing Earth ~ Forever Sky by Jennifer Esperanza

  Last year, in late fall, I asked Rulan Tangen founder of Dancing Earth, Indigenous Intertribal Dance Ensemble, and my friend if she would model for me. I also asked her friend, the famed red carpet designer Randolph Duke, if he would mail us a dress or two for Rulan to wear for the photo shoot. Randolph was […]

The Art of Richard Kurtz at JUX. Santa Fe by Jennifer Esperanza

Live Bravely The Art of Richard Kurtz at JUX. Santa Fe

Artist Richard Kurtz Showing at JUX. SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO USA During the month of August, JUX. will host an exceptional body of work by artist Richard Kurtz. His distinctive and explosive vision takes the world of outsider art to a powerful yet playful level of messages and imagery. JUX. will be hosting a reception […]

Tattoo, Jennifer Esperanza

Now I am Dreaming ~ Dreaming 9/11~ By Jennifer Esperanza

Now I am Dreaming Visions and Dreams Between The Veils Dreaming September 11th by Jennifer Esperanza A few weeks before September 11, 2001 I sat in my first Ayahuasca Ceremony. During this sacred experience I saw visions of what was to come in New York City. The morning of that fateful day I slept late, […]

Alexandra Eldridge, Artist

Jennifer Esperanza’s extraordinary photography tends to, with loving care, the Sacred, the Sensual, and the Sublime. What is uniquely beautiful in everyone of her subjects is exposed and honored. Her photographs are an exuberant celebration of life.

Janet Stein Romero, clay, figure. sexual, woman, art, altar, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza

Fantasy Realism ~ Artist Janet Stein Romero

“I want to knock you out of your complacency, engage you in my images.” My partner, artist Richard Kurtz & I love to visit other artists in their studios. On a bright, crisp spring day we visited the studio of artist Janet Stein Romero in El Ancon, New Mexico. Janet has lived in the village […]

~ Tihomir Dimitro ~ Musician

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Esperanza – couldn’t have picked a better photographer. Through my songs and music, I try to capture and portray a certain image of who I am and what message I am trying to put out in the world. Jennifer’s photos really captured the essence […]

My Poem Tears Of Venus

Tears of Venus burned and charred feet pound the surface that is turned to blackest ash they leave their traces everywhere guiding us tears of venus falling • wet the pulling of milk from my breast turns us round and round child flooded, I was drowning • you rode in on waves of pain I […]

Woven in Love • Women in Ecuador & Santa Fe Unite in Kindness

La Mega Copoerativa Artesanal de los Saraguros Somewhere in the southern highlands of Ecuador a woman sits and quietly draws one strand of thread to loop directly over the thread above, rather than passing through a bead, the ‘usual’ way of bead weaving. She is duplicating a beautiful floral pattern that lives only in her head. Later she will present this […]

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You Are A Divine Being

“You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.” ~ Terence McKenna

Alexandra Eldridge, paintings, Studio, animals, beautiful, woman, Art, Jennifer Esperanza

Artist & Beauty Alexandra Eldridge

Artist Alexandra Eldridge “Art exists because the world is not perfect” I met Alexandra about 17 years ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico at a yard sale that she was having with our friend Jodie. I was so drawn to her, she was beautiful & dripping with style & kindness. I remember her big beautiful smile […]