LA Painter • Easton Awesome Miller • Studio Visit 2017

Easton A. Miller is a young, bright, dynamic LA painter.
Easton lives with my daughter, filmmaker Emily Esperanza.
My partner, artist Richard Kurtz & I visited Easton & Emily in Easton’s studio a few weeks ago.
This was a family studio visit.
We are a family of artists.
We listened to Easton talk abut his work and his new gallery, gallery Also.
He invited us to be in Trust Fall his first show at ALSO….
for that Richard & I are super thankful.
Here is a look at my images from the studio visit shoot & some of Easton’s words about his work.







Easton & Emily Blue • East LA CA by Jennifer Esperanza
“We exist in a culture of non-sequitur status updates and photo streams as a mode of defining our lives, and I take no issue with where we’ve found ourselves. If I were to maintain a practice that follows a linear thread it would seem incongruous to how we currently absorb information. As a result, my work can seem disparate to some, but that is who we are now. This is a world of double screening maniacs that can’t sit through a movie without checking our phones, and feel compelled to broadcast sentiments publicly that have varying degrees of importance to anyone but ourselves. If someone still needs to view an artist’s practice under a unilateral light – it would seem to be off base with how we all exist and process information.” Easton A. Miller





Emily Esperanza with Easton’s work – He is inspired by her fancy nails.


Easton A. Miller Studio Detail • Research & Tools


Easton Miller in the studio


Studio Detail • Easton Miller


Easton in the Studio


Essentially, I make portraits of circumstance. All of the work from the last few years follows the same ideological method, but varies greatly in the aesthetic execution. I carry a small notebook with me everywhere that I go. Whenever I hear something interesting, hilarious, upsetting, etc. – I write the quote down in the aforementioned book. I then use various materials to create a visual representation of these phrases/quotes. There are also aesthetic and material nods to artists and designers that I feel embody the sentiments I’ve chosen to portray. I see the works as ‘portraits of circumstance’ – both the situational honesty from where I’ve drawn the original content, and the shifted meaning once these phrases are placed in a fine art context.”  Easton A. Miller




My sweet family • Easton + Emily in the Studio


The Bees Knees


Studio Portrait of Easton A. Miller


Emily & Richard talk about movies




Easton in the Studio



All Photos © Jennifer Esperanza

All Rights Reserved





if my son Gabriel was in town he would have come too,

so here is his instagram also.


gallery ALSO



Gallery ALSO
Gallery ALSO • Artist Parker Day • Opening of Trust Fall show at ALSO 2017


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  1. SO wonderful to be here on your new space! I get lost in your images. It’s always a joy to dive in and have a closer look around. May this be a light and auspicious time for you and your Family, Jennifer!

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