Janet Stein Romero, clay, figure. sexual, woman, art, altar, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza

Fantasy Realism ~ Artist Janet Stein Romero

“I want to knock you out of your complacency, engage you in my images.”

Studio, Artist, Studio Visit, Janet Stein Romero, Rio, Brazil, NM, New Mexico, Ribera, Ribera New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza, Art
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My partner, artist Richard Kurtz & I love to visit other artists in their studios.

On a bright, crisp spring day we visited the studio of artist Janet Stein Romero in El Ancon, New Mexico. Janet has lived in the village of El Ancon for over thirty years where she raised her family with her husband artist Nicasio Romero. 

Janet’s studio is packed with textiles from all over the world, vintage clothes, sexy shoes, magazines from South America, altars, books, shrines, super unique objects and her art.

The work is that it is sexy, fetishistic, stylish, mystical & edgy.

Janet is an artist who is unafraid to be herself.

Her work is erotic & mystical.

She told us that some people go running from her studio, feeling uncomfortable.

I felt a sense of knowing and understanding.

I like magic & I like sexy.

Janet Stein Romero, Caracas, Studio, NM, New Mexico, woman, sexy, sequined, art, Jennifer Esperanza, Studio Visit, 2014
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“My sequined pieces are part of a series of “Altered States Upon Returning from Caracas.”
 Janet Stein Romero
Art, Janet Stein Romero, studio visit, Jennifer Esperanza, silk, watercolor,
 © Jennifer Esperanza
Art, Silk, Water Color, David Lynch, NM, New Mexico, Janet Stein Romero, Jennifer Esperanza, Ribera, 2014, painting
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Janet Stein Romero, ART, NM, Silk, spring, water color, studio visit, Jennifer Esperanza
Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


painting, water color, silk Janet Stein Romero, NM, New Mexico, Studio Visit, Jennifer Esperanza, silk, woman
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“I have been working on a series of watercolors on silk revealing a passion and enthusiasm for working with the figure as form and mystery in an anti-hierarchical context.”  
Janet Stein Romero
Janet Stein Romero, clay, figure. sexual, woman, art, altar, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza
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Artist, Janet Stein Romero, NM, Sunroom, New Mexico, Ribera, Studio, Studio Visit, Jennifer Esperanza
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Bathroom, home, studio, studio visit, Janet Stein Romero, woman, Jennifer Esperanza
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Janet Stein Romero, Nicasio Romero, Richard Kurtz, Jennifer Esperanza, Studio, NM New Mexico, Art

“I have a fascination with the mysteries of trance and its connection with dance.  
Images of women in pairs or alone or within an interior jungle of the mind are reflected in my work.”
Janet Stein Romero 
Janet Stein Romero, Studio, Studio Visit, Art, Woman, Trance, jungle, artwork, Jennifer Esperanza
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Art, Altar, Janet Stein Romero, Studio, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza, 2014, magic
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Janet Stein Romero, 2014, NM, New Mexico, Art, woman, recycle, mica, Studio Visit, Jennifer Esperanza

Land, Walk, Art, Shoe, NM, New Mexico, Janet Stein Ramero, Jennifer Esperanza, Ribera, artwork, woman, 2014, magic, beauty
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To contact Janet ~ you can write to her at romero.janet@gmail.com

Richard & I will visit the Romero’s  in a few weeks for a studio visit with Nicasio. We look forward to out return to their land, to spending time with Nicasio, to listen & to document what he wants to share with us about his work, his process & his inspirations.

In Kindness, 
Jennifer Esperanza 



Art, Artists, NM< New Mexico, March, Janet Stein Romero, Nicasio Romero, Richard Kurtz, Jennifer Esperanza,
Janet • Nicasio • Richard  3/12/14 • El Ancon, New Mexico  © Jennifer Esperanza


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  1. Astrid Allan

    Very interesting and fascinating reading about this artist and I enjoyed the beautiful pictures.

  2. Thank you for these great images of Janey and her work. This was a wonderful celebration of Janey and her art.

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