~ Golda Blaise • Artist • Provocateur ~

“instead of walking up to a painting you explore it & walk into it”  

Golda Blaise 

Artist, young woman, culture, fashion, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico, Up Cycle, Jewelry, Jennifer Esperanza
~ Artist Golda Blaise ~
Downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 2013 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

This is a mixture of my passion and what i love to create. i work in silver, glass, acrylic & ink, wood, pencils,”found objects” = weird trinkets, leather.. anything textured and colorful. Whether I’m making something from scratch or using pre-made materials, I try to be as green as possible when structuring works.

I also work in large scale installation/sculpture. (vb. an immersive art experience) “instead of walking up to a painting you explore it & walk into it”  

I love to work with materials that have a past, pieces that tell stories like ones that I find at flea markets or roadside garage sales, sometimes even things that people are going to throw away.

I started making jewelry when I was 9 years old, everything else has evolved around my jewelry, i am fully connected to my works and in the moment of creation comes pure divinity, i live for the sharing of my passion & i am so thankful that I get to witness each process.

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Artist, Meow Wolf, Jennifer Esperanza, Golda Blaise, Santa Fe, New Mexico, NM, March 2013, Beauty, Culture, Semi Nude, Evening
~ Artist Golda Blaise in the Evening Light ~ Downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 2013 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

The pieces that are in this photo are ones that I made this past winter. Most of them i created in this form… nude, by a fireplace. There is something completely pure about creating things by a fire in the nude, so natural, so animal-ish & human. I am also very connected to the headpiece; the texture of the flowers, the color selection and placement of antlers harvested from a friend’s winter kill, it’s fierce! I love it.

Words by Golda Blaise


Art, Meow Wolf, Golda Blaise, Red, Vintage, Found Objects, CCA, culture, Jennifer Esperanza

Meow Wolf, Golda Blaise, show, CCA, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Art, Youth, Culture, Jennifer Esperanza
~ Golda with her work at a Meow Wolf show at CCA in Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Green Planet, THE magazine, Jennifer Esperanza, Golda Blaise, Art, Culture, Santa Fe, New Mexico
~Artist Golda Blaise featured on the Green Planet page by Jennifer Esperanza in this month’s THE magazine • Santa Fe’s Art & Culture monthly magazine ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


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  1. Kara Lin

    A note to thank you for another beautiful blog.
    I love reading them and seeing your beautiful
    What a wonderful gift.
    ~ such love
    kara lin

  2. Jennifer,
    What a gorgeous blog. Where does Golda sell her jewelery?
    I love your images and words.

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