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My Ex-husband’s Ex-girlfriend Tantrica Julianne Parkinson & Me

“There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.

This is the Light that shines in our heart.”

  Chandogya Upanishad (circa 7 th to 8 th century B.C.E.)

Sacred philosophical Hindu literature.


I am good friends with my two ex-husbands & their partners. These friendships took lots of work for us all, some of the work took years. Before my second ex-husband was with his life partner he had a girlfriend named Julianne. She was his first girlfriend after our ten year relationship ended & she was studying to become a Tantrica.

 We met for the first time at a spiritual fair in the booth run by my Ashram for my teacher Amma who is from South India. Our friend Varenya was there to introduce us & we knew that we would meet each other that day, it was a planned meeting.

Julianne is a very beautiful woman & she is super tall. I stood looking up at her and she smiled at me with her pretty smile, we hugged each other. I remember looking at the huge photograph of Amma that hung behind Julianne as we spoke. I felt the edge of the energy in the moment & I felt my heart. I think she gave me a small gift. She told me how much she loved my photography, she told me about her sisters & then she said that she wanted me to do a sensual nude photo shoot of her someday. Something inside me froze up, I shut down. The road to our friendship was a little rough after this. I think that this is how love sometimes takes it’s course.

Tantrica, Julianne Parkinson, Green, Aspens, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza,
~ The Beautiful Tantrica ~ Julianne Parkinson in the Aspen of Santa Fe ~ Last Summer ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

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Julianne & I have come to be loving & close friends. I enjoy her company & she is very kind to me. At the core of our friendship is the deep belief in sisterhood that we each hold. Our friendship is deeper because we overcame some uncomfortable shared moments & we each opened up to forgiveness & kindness.

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~ The little heart tattoo on my trigger finger by Prakash Spex ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
“I am a passionate advocate for women being with one another in loving support, inspiration, being common allies rather than acting like enemies.”
Julianne Parkinson
Julianne & I had lunch today and we talked about how the popular culture often puts women at odds with each other. Each of us has practiced being open & loving when it comes to other women’s beauty & talents for years on our own. I just could not make such beautiful, intimate, sensual photos of other women if I were jealous of them. Julianne could not teach other women about the beauty of their sensuality & sex lives if she were a jealous woman.
Green, Woman, trees, Tantrica, Julianne Parkinson, Jennifer Esperanza, NM, New Mexico, Santa Fe
~ Beauty & Love Grow with Kindness ~ Tantrica Julianne Parkinson ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
red, dance, pray, woman, tantra, Jennifer Esperanza
~ She Dances ~ She Prays ~ She Is ~ Julianne Parkinson • Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


Bollywood, Dance, Jennifer Esperanza, Julianne Parkinson, Varenya, Amma, beauty
~ Julianne Dancing & Varenya & Julianne at The Bollywood Dance Invasion Amma Fund Raising Dance Party ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


Krishna Das, Julianne Parkinson, Yoga, Jennifer Esperanza, Tantra,music, spirit, life
~ Julianne meeting Krishna Das ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

This is a simple story of love. Over the years Julianne & I ran into each other many times at the farmer’s market, the co-op, the gym & at events around the small town of Santa Fe, New Mexico where we live. We danced together to Bollywood music, we sat in the same room & sang with Bakti musician & teacher Krishna Das. Over time each of us put our egos aside & became sisters, we became true friends. Last year I featured Julianne in THE magazine, a Santa Fe Arts & Culture magazine published by Guy Cross that I produce a page for each month called Green Planet. Green Planet features earth justice & social justice activists & people deeply devoted to love through their work.

I have learned that keeping myself open during misunderstandings is powerful because it helps me shift. When I face the hard moments that personal projections & projections from others can help to create I am free. To love another human for their gifts, their beauty & talent feels good. To care about others is the only way for me.

Julianne & I each pray that more women love themselves & each other.

May the sisterhood grow. ~  May it be so.

Sat Nam ~ ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ {Truth Is Our Identity}

 Jennifer Esperanza



Green Planet, THE magazine, Jennifer Esperanza, Jennifer Esperanza Photography, Julianne Parkinson, Tantra, Love, Kindness
~ Tantrica Julianne Parkinson featured in Green Planet ~ THE magazine ~ Santa Fe New Mexico by Jennifer Esperanza ~

Julianne is a certified Tantric Practitioner & went to The Source School of Tantra Yoga

My Book Sensualist ~ images from my life ~ book 1 on


The Meaning of Sat Nam


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4 Comments on “My Ex-husband’s Ex-girlfriend Tantrica Julianne Parkinson & Me

  1. Alexandra Eldridge

    You are the most REALIZED human being I know. I am in constant awe of the size of your heart. Thank-you, thank-you for showing us the way.

    • I Love & Miss YOu Alexandra.
      I am looking forward to another studio visit & photo shoot
      when you get back to Santa Fe.
      Then I will Blog about you.
      Sat Nam,

  2. I love this piece (peace) Jen. I love that more and more women are in celebration and in love with one another rather than in competition. To see the Divine feminine in one another is to see it in ourselves. This is the path to our collective healing of womankind! Power to ya sistah!
    I will get your book Sensualist right now!

    • My Dearest Jody
      thank you & I love you very much.
      You and I have a deep friendship we are sisters
      of the sensual ~ in our lives & our work.
      I LOVE your photography & your kindness.
      Thanks for ordering my book.
      I will read & re-turn your e-mail very soon.
      Om Shanti Om to you my sweet sister

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