My Poem Tears Of Venus

Tears of Venus

burned and charred feet

pound the surface

that is turned to blackest ash

they leave their traces everywhere

guiding us

tears of venus



the pulling of milk

from my breast

turns us round and round child


I was drowning

you rode in on waves of pain

I opened

flowers can not compare

small feet new again

hungry mouth

teacher at my breast

teach me to protect you

you humble me to prayer

god is everywhere

together we send prayers

like little birds

to wash the feet

of the children

of Afghanistan

Jennifer Esperanza 

August 2002


This poem is about ….

the burning of the witches ~ the struggle of the feminine ~

the power, pain & beauty of birth ~ breastfeeding ~

reincarnation ~ our children are our teachers ~

kindness & prayers to the children of this earth  

family ~ the deep power of love ~

Paz y Amor,

Jennifer Esperanza

woman, rock, baby, nature, breastfeeding, Tears Of Venus, Jennifer Esperanza, B&W, New Mexico
Zia & Mother • Pecos Nm • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


Art, Mother, Child, CA, Jennifer Esperanza
Mary & Child • Point Reyes CA • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


Mother, Child, Breastfeeding, love, kindness, beauty
~ Lily & Child ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza
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7 Comments on “My Poem Tears Of Venus

  1. Felecia Ford

    What a beautiful and sacred poem

  2. Kara Lin

    Jennifer , Such a beautiful poem your words touch my heart. Thank You~

  3. Alexandra Eldridge

    poignant and powerful and beautiful!

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