• Photography isn’t always waiting for the right moment, being at the right place at the right time, A great photographer creates that moment, inspiring the subject, interacting and then capturing something remarkable when that subject lets down their guard, This is Jennifer Esperanza Photography. The results are apparent and bear witness to the true essence […]

    Artist Tony Abeyta

  • Many moments dance around in recollection of working with the Beautifully talented Jennifer. I say this because I can’t quit pin point how it works, we just dance together as we make the magic happen. After all it is the sensual grace, that we try to bring out in this forever nurturing nature of women. […]

    Patricia Michaels ~ Native American Contemporary Designer & Textile Artist Project Runway, Season 11

  • Seeing the world through Esperanza’s eyes is not just a privilege. It’s visual poetry. It’s a heart-opener. It’s a beauty-bath. It fills me with gratitude to be a human and it uplifts my abilities to notice all of the sacred, everyday details that are true gifts to all of those with the sense of sight. […]

    Candace Walsh • Managing Editor, New Mexico Magazine • Author “Licking The Spoon”

  • Jennifer Esperanza’s extraordinary photography tends to, with loving care, the Sacred, the Sensual, and the Sublime. What is uniquely beautiful in everyone of her subjects is exposed and honored. Her photographs are an exuberant celebration of life.

    Alexandra Eldridge, Artist

  • Jennifer Esperanza’s photography is as much a part of the Broomdust Caravan’s creative work as the fiddles, guitars, the upright bass, the drums, the singing and the songs we write. Her work goes far beyond documenting what we look like. Her photographs depict who we are as human beings in relation to our community and […]

    Johny Broomdust ~ Band Leader of The Broomdust Caravan

  • Jennifer Esperanza always finds a way to pull the air, the light, and a lifetime of living into her photographs. You see it in the eyes and on the skin of her subjects, whether they are artists, shaman, scientists, the ocean or trees. There it is, every time.

    Wallace J. Nichols ~ Marine Biologist, Ocean Activist, Father