~ Tihomir Dimitro ~ Musician

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Esperanza – couldn’t have picked a better photographer. Through my songs and music, I try to capture and portray a certain image of who I am and what message I am trying to put out in the world. Jennifer’s photos really captured the essence of that message and the spirit of the image I was going after. Esperanza is not just another photographer snapping away, she has a very artistic eye and really is a master of colors, light, tone and mood. She gets behind the exterior of the subject and looks for what’s inside. One of the reasons I chose to work with Jennifer is her ability to capture the beauty in people. She always manages to find just the right light or angle that highlight a person’s attractive qualities. before I met her, I had seen a number of pictures she had taken of local musicians and what struck me was that every one of them was good! Esperanza is defnitely not your average enthusiast with a camera! Her work is worth every bit!

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