Wildly Creative Richmond, CA Artist • Lauren Ari • Studio Visit

Artist Lauren Ari © Jennifer Esperanza


Artist Lauren Ari © Jennifer Esperanza



“My life experiences are explored and discovered through art.
When working, I do not have a finished piece in mind, but an interest in seeing where the process of making will lead. I follow each impulse to the next, allowing the investigation to unravel and reveal itself. When I’m lucky–when I trust the processes–I experience a flow and receive what feels like a gift.
Although my work is personal, I believe it taps into the universal, and I am looking to connect with others and myself more deeply.
These are words I associate with my work:
intuitive, awake, un-stuffed, humorous, rhythmic, disturbing, engrossing, sexual, figurative, colorful, unique and complex.
It is my hope that you will enjoy experiencing the work as much as I enjoy making it.”
Lauren Ari 





Art by Lauren Ari © Jennifer Esperanza


Dictionary Page Paintings by Lauren Ari © Jennifer Esperanza



“From a normal, respectful viewing distance, imagery that’s compelling on an archetypal level is already apparent in the dictionary pages. My subconscious mind recognizes the round indentations on the page edges and the justified columnar text as a dictionary even before my conscious mind grasps the realization. You are likely to be attracted first by the brightness and variation of colors from piece to piece, and second by the strange scenes depicted in the whimsical, strange, engrossing studies of language, learning, and the definitions of this reality.”
Lauren Ari


Art by Lauren Ari © Jennifer Esperanza


Detail of a Dictionary Page Painting {left} Portrait of Artist Lauren Ari {Right} © Jennifer Esperanza


“Lauren Ari works with very old dictionary pages. Selected words or images suggest characters or objects that Ari then draws in colorful tableaux. The drawings are whimsical, strange and engrossing studies of language, as well as definitions of a constructed reality. Often, they are accompanied by three­-dimensional representations, making them a perfect complement (in a)collection of contemporary ceramics.”
Karin Breuer, Curator
Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts



Art by Lauren Ari Painted Tile Piece {Left} • Ceramic Bedscape {Right} © Jennifer Esperanza


Art by Lauren Ari © Jennifer Esperanza


Art by Lauren Ari © Jennifer Esperanza


Art by Lauren Ari © Jennifer Esperanza


Art by Lauren Ari © Jennifer Esperanza



“My ceramic bedscapes explores our sleeping and dreaming time as a reflection of the weightiest forces and experiences in our lives. The bed serves as a literal platform in which archetypes overtake the sleepers, actualizing their fears and desires with results that can be calming, disturbing, humorous, uncertain, and always as complex as dreams.”
Lauren Ari




Ceramic Bedscape  by Lauren Ari © Jennifer Esperanza


Collections • Lauren Ari
Century Group Designs: Los Angeles
Rick and Barbara Tell: Los Angeles
UCLA Medical Group: Los Angeles
Margaret and David Hoosen: Point Reyes, CA
Paul Daver: Sacrmento, CA
Dr. Allen and Dora Harnish: Berkeley, CA
Nelson Art Gallery: U.C Davis, CA
de Young Musem, San Francisco, CA




Artist Lauren Ari © Jennifer Esperanza



Artists Lauren Ari & Richard Kurtz holding each other’s work • © Jennifer Esperanza


Artists & Friends Lauren Ari & Richard Kurtz © Jennifer Esperaza





all images © Jennifer Esperanza 2017



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    • Thanks Alexandra

      I love you

      Lauren is a rare artist like Richard & you

      each of your own worlds are deeply your very own.

      It is an honor for me to have artists let me see into their world … just a little.

      Paz y Amor


  1. Rick & Barbara Tell

    We have a wonderful collection of Lauren’s art and just love what she does…including a ceramic mural about 10’x10′ on the outside of our home. We wish we could add an image!

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